Intelligent Service Desk Operations


Intelligent Service Desk Operations

ServiceRize Operational Model

ServiceRize operates on “shift-left” philosophy where most of the mundane tasks at L1/L2 are done by ServiceRize robots. Our competent L3 level technical team is equipped with right skills to handle complex network/server/applications support level tickets.

Virtual Agents

ServiceRize team consists of multiple bots. Each bot is capable of automating common IT tasks (over 250+) successfully without any human intervention. The virtual agent can handle everything from response to the resolution.

The bots are well trained and have a unique ability to understand “IT language (e.g. Add User to DL, Spin a VM, etc.) Depending upon the customer catalog and context the bots could be further trained to understand requests coming from end-users. The seamless transfer between a bot and a human agent ensures service continuity.

Human Agents

Virtual agents are backed up by an experienced workforce for handling tasks not handled by Bots. All support engineers are ITIL trained and have expertise in handling any requests or events related to server/network/database/application support areas. Each shift has a service delivery manager.

The team is well trained to train the bots. The entire operation is governed by weekly/monthly status meetings and quarterly business reviews

ServiceRize Support Model

Business Benefits

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